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Thursday, June 14, 2018

Dog Limit To Increase In Owen Sound

Owen Sound | by Matt Hermiz  

You will be allowed to have up to three dogs living in your residence in Owen Sound.

You'll soon be allowed to have up to three dogs living in your residence in Owen Sound.

City council approved a recommendation Monday from the Corporate Services Committee to increase the household dog limit to three from the previous cap of two.

It will come forward in a formal by-law at council's next meeting.

According to a report by Deputy Clerk Curtiss Law, the city began looking at increasing the number of dogs allowed in a household after a request came forward in April. It pointed out the significant access to green spaces for residents, overcrowded animal shelters and other municipalities that allow three dogs.

Councillor Scott Grieg says the Corporate Services Committee saw no real downside to increasing the limit as responsible dog owners who want an additional animal would be able to now. He adds it may also help more dogs at the shelter find permanent homes.

"We're going to sit back now and see if it will have a benefit to the animal shelter and community without too many perceived negatives," Grieg says.

Law says the city consulted with a number of comparable municipalities that allow three dogs including Orangeville, Stratford and Brockville, and received no negative feedback on allowing the increase.

Animal control also had no concerns, but advised limiting the number at three as dogs begin to develop a pack mentality beyond that.

According to a report to council, dog licenses in Owen Sound cost $20 for fixed and $30 for non-fixed animals before March 31 annually, then $35 and $45 after that date.

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