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Wednesday, October 3, 2018

Local OPP Amalgamation Process Concerns South Bruce Peninsula

South Bruce Peninsula | by John Divinski  

Councillors say communication on the subject from OPP, has been disappointing

Amalgamating the Bruce Peninsula and Grey County OPP detachments is not getting glowing support from South Bruce Peninsula council.

Councillors say the communication between the OPP and the municipality on the subject, was disappointing.

Councillor Matt Jackson says the OPP "completely dropped the ball" on a change that could sort of see the loss of the Staff Sergeant at the OPP offices just outside of Wiarton.

Councillor Jackson says taxpayers are paying 2.5-million-dollars a year for OPP service, and yet on a change like this, he finds out about it in the media.

OPP have indicated the idea is to pool resources and cut costs and they say it can be done without affecting staffing.

It's indicated some job positions may become redundant with amalgamation but any positions lost, the police officers affected will be re-assigned back to the front lines, providing more policing in the region.

At its regular meeting on Tuesday, South Bruce Peninsula council did not buy some of the issues presented in a town staff information report

The amalgamation, expected to take place in 2019, is not necessarily etched in stone yet, as it has to be approved by a group called the Commissioners Committee.

Nevertheless, council has approved asking the OPP to come to council to talk about the move.

Councillor Jackson doesn't support the amalgamation saying he feels it's something that's been "swept under the rug."

He says, they've now heard from Grey County but haven't heard a thing from Bruce County.

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