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Sunday, October 7, 2018

Hanover Slashes Stipends For Committees

Hanover | by Robyn Garvey  

Move will save ratepayers $10K per year

Hanover has eliminated all stipends for volunteers who sit on Town Committees.

The move is expected to save the Town close to 10 thousand dollars a year. 

In addition Hanover has also reduced its number of committees from 27 down to 20.

The decision to eliminate remuneration and reduce the number of Committees is in response to the recent Service Delivery Review.

It was residents who voiced the need to ‘clean up’ the committee structures and the large number of committees as well as consider eliminating the pay for volunteers who sit on those committees.

For almost twenty years it has been a practice in Hanover to provide a $35 stipend to those who sit on certain Committees.

Before eliminating the stipend, the Town surveyed those currently sitting on Committees.

29 of the 46 committee members surveyed responded.

90% of respondents indicated that they commit their time to a committee in an effort to contribute and make a difference in Hanover.

93% of respondents would be extremely likely or very likely to continue to participate on committees even if no remuneration was offered.

75% indicated that an in invitation to the annual Christmas Party is sufficient for acknowledging their contribution.

CAO Brian Tocheri feels confident that the elimination of the stipends will not discourage residents from sitting on committees.

He says the results from the survey clearly show those that volunteer do so because they want to contribute not because they want a stipend.

As for the 7 committees that were dissolved, those were the committees the Town deemed redundant or no longer necessary such as the Off Leash Dog Development or the Council Remuneration Review Committee

Tocheri adds Hanover is very grateful to all of its citizens who volunteer their time on a committee.

Anyone who feels they have something to give should consider putting their name forth to sit on one of Hanover's 20 Committees.

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