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Saturday, October 6, 2018

Regional Firefighting Training Approval For Grey County

Grey County | by Robyn Garvey  

This will allow firefighters to train and certify locally

Grey County has been approved as a Regional Training School for firefighters which will allow local firefighters to receive their Ontario Fire College certification training right here in Grey County.

This training will be offered by the Grey County Training Officers Association.

This means firefighters will no longer have to travel to Gravenhurst to receive the new provincially mandated fire certification training courses which run up to six weeks in length.

This says Fire Chief Jeff Dentinger will greatly reduce the personal burden placed of firefighters who in the past have had to travel to Gravenhurst to participate in multiple weeks of training away from family and their employment.

He says having a local training facility allows firefighters to take the necessary training and return home each night to the families.

Local training also means more flexibility as courses can be offered on weekends thus minimizing the impact on work obligations for new firefighters and those requiring additional skills for new positions within the fire department.

Dentinger says the first course and will be held in Markdale this January (Firefighting Level 1 and 2) with additional courses being offered, dependent on demand.

He says the Grey County Training Officer Association will continue to work with the Ontario Fire College in setting up the initial and additional course schedules.

Dentinger is among those who will be instructing the courses, as is also an instructor at the Ontario Fire College in Gravenhurst.

He is thrilled that Grey County firefighters can now receive this mandated training locally.

He says volunteer firefighters are already busy enough with their regular jobs, family and regular fire training. 

He says receiving the new additional training locally will greatly reduce the personal burden placed on these volunteers.

Local training will also mean savings to municipalities in travel costs and accommodations.

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