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Monday, October 8, 2018

Traffic Management Plan for Hanover

Hanover | by Robyn Garvey  

Town will purchase three portable speed monitoring units

The Town of Hanover is purchasing three portable speed monitoring signs as means of calming traffic.

The $13,664 dollar purchase will be financed out of the Town’s reserve funds.

The speed monitoring signs are just one of a few key recommendations that came out of the Hanover Police Traffic Management Plan.

Along with the speed monitoring signs, police also want Hanover to invest in a second mobile radar unit, review speed limits in and around school zones as well as initiate talks with Grey County about the possibility of red light cameras along 10th Street.

For now the Town is only moving forward with the speed monitoring signs, the other recommendations have been deferred until staff have had an opportunity to consult, research and report in detail each recommendation.

CAO Brian Tocheri believes the three new portable speed monitoring signs will indeed calm traffic.
He says having that visual of your speed limit up on the sign for all to see is a great way of creating more self awareness for drivers and their speed.

The solar portable speed monitoring signs will also record information statistics providing police with data as to where the speed problem areas are in town and during what time of day.

Tocheri says this will allow police to target certain sections of town with a police cruiser.

As for the other police recommendations that have been deferred, it will be up to the new council to decide what recommendations will be implemented.

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