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Tuesday, October 9, 2018

Hanover Fire Department Open House

Hanover | by Robyn Garvey  

Check out the trucks, meet the firefighters and do a little training.

At 6pm sharp tonight the Hanover Fire Hall siren will ring out signaling the time for families to practice their Great Escape plan. (Fire Open House runs from 6:30 to 8 pm)

Once that is complete families are encouraged to come tour the Fire Hall, board the trucks and even do a little firefighting training.

Fire Chief Jeff Dentinger says there are a number of interactive activities for kids to participate in including: target practice with a firehose, there will also be a smoke building set up to allow the kids to witness how the thermal imaging cameras work and an opportunity to try on fire gear.

Dentinger says tonight serves as great opportunity for the public to mingle with firefighters in a casual setting, allowing the community to become better acquainted with their local fire department.

This is annual event that easily draws crowds of up to 400. (depending on weather )

Tonight’s open house is part of Fire Prevention Week, this year’s theme is LOOK, LISTEN and Learn. Be aware. Fire can happen anywhere.

The theme focuses on three fundamental actions people can take to be fire safe:

-LOOK for potential fire hazards around your home.

-LISTEN for smoke alarms in an emergency. (make sure they are
up-to-date with new batteries)

-LEARN two ways out of every room. (practice a home fire escape plan.

Dentinger says “Everyone has a responsibility to protect their family and home from fire. Prevention is always the best course of action. Identify potential fire hazards in your home and take action to make sure a fire doesn’t start.”

He adds only working smoke alarms give you the early notification of a fire and the time you and your family need to safely escape.

Sadly he says many fatal fires occur at night when everyone is asleep, he says early warning is crucial to survival.

Dentinger reminds everyone that “Fire and smoke move faster than you. There’s no time to figure out how to escape your home after a fire starts.” he stresses it is imperative that families practice their home fire escape plan before there is a fire so you can get out safely.

If you can't make Hanover's Fire Open House you can head to Walkerton on Saturday October 13th from 11 to 1 pm.

Firefighters will be providing tours of the Hall, allowing the youth to board the trucks check out the equipment and enjoy a Firefighter BBQ.

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