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Thursday, October 11, 2018

Walkerton Wants To Change Search Engine Results

Walkerton | by Robyn Garvey  

Municipality wants positive results to show in internet searches, not water crisis articles.

Brockton is applying for Rural Economic Development Funding (RED Funding)
to help heal Walkerton’s tarnished reputation.

It’s been 18 long years, yet the sting of the Walkerton Ecoli Tragedy
continues to haunt Walkerton and the municipality of Brockton online.

Mayor David Inglis say the municipality wants to combat this through a Search
Engine Optimization project.

Inglis says when you type in a word like Walkerton into a search engine the
image of the Walkerton water tower pops up along stories, articles and
information about the Walkerton ecoli tragedy information.

Inglis says the Search Engine Optimization project would change this by
reprioritizing search engines to direct users to Brockton’s new website and
other positive Walkerton related information.

This would move the ecoli tragedy information much further down the search
engine’s list.

He says its time to look to the future rather than focus on the past.

CAO Sonya Watson says the Search Engine Optimization encompasses both the
technical and creative elements required to improve rankings, drive traffic, and
increase awareness in search engines.

The goal is to help attract highly targeted traffic to a website based on
users’ search intent and needs.

It will cost close to 70 thousand dollars to do this, with
Brockton kicking in half of that amount.

Inglis believe Brockton has a good chance at obtaining the RED funding
dollars to fund half of the project.

Over this past year Brockton has put a lot of effort into its online presence
with the re-launch and re-design of the municipality’s website and a Brockton
Branding Project.

RED (Rural Economic Development) funding dollars assisted with that project
to the tune of 40 thousand dollar.

This latest RED funding application would build upon this project to improve
Brockton’s online presence.

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