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Sunday, February 3, 2019

Hanover's First Church Closes

Hanover | by Robyn Garvey  

Dwindling membership forced the tough decision to close the 1876 church.

It’s the end of era for Hanover’s oldest church St. James Anglican.

Dwindling membership forced the tough decision to close the 1876 church. (Doors closed December 31st 2018)

Parishioner Marg Poste says regular attendance dropped down to just 17 members a week.

Over the last decade St. James Anglican has worked hard to increase membership numbers through new programs and children’s services.

Despite these efforts, Poste says it was a losing battle, as they were not able to replenish the church with the younger generations.

She says it finally came to a point where they could no longer pay the bills, forcing the closure.

For Poste, saying goodbye is not easy, she says the beautiful church is filled with memories of past generations who came together to worship and serve.

There has been an Anglican community in Hanover since 1850, the current church was constructed in 1876 by the congregants.

Poste says over the years, St. James Anglican has participated in numerous outreach ministry programs to help worthy causes within the community and abroad.

Despite the closure of the church, St. James Anglican's latest outreach program Out of the Cold will continue until the end of March.

Out of the Cold runs every Monday from 1 until 3 pm and serves as a warming shelter as well as a place to eat and socialize.

Once the Out of the Cold program wraps up in the Spring, Poste says the church will be put up for sale by the Diocese.

Given the historic significance and beauty of the church, Poste would love to see it converted into a museum of some sorts.

The future however of the 1876 church remains unknown.


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