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Friday, July 12, 2019

Hanover's Police Bike Patrol Ready To Roll

Hanover | by Robyn Garvey  

Hanover Police will increase their presence on the Town’s trails, parks and footpaths.

Hanover Police have increased their presence in the community through a new program, which it is all part of a community safety initiative requested by citizens.

Hanover’s very first Police Bike Patrol Unit is now up and running.

A half dozen officer have just completed their specialized training and will be out and about all Summer long on their bikes patrolling the Town.

As part of the Bike Patrol’s mandate, Hanover Police Service will now be increasing their presence along the Town’s trails, parks and footpaths.

Chief Chris Knoll says the bikes allow officers to get into areas of Town that can prove challenging or impossible for cruisers.

Along with the Trail system, Bike Patrol officers will also be patrolling the downtown and various areas of Hanover.

Each Bike Patrol unit is equipped with specialized communication equipment, a first aid kit and a radar gun.

The Bike Patrol unit was created as part of Hanover’s Trail Strategy in response to concern expressed during a February public meeting over Trail Safety.

The bike units says Knoll will mean an increased police presence along Hanover’s Trail System throughout the Summer and right into October.

Constable Keith Robb was among the six officers who participated in the three days of specialized training at the University of Guelph for the Bike Patrol Unit.

He is pleased to be a part of the unit, saying he is looking forward to engaging with the public as he patrols Hanover’s streets and trail systems.

Robb believes the Bike Patrol will provide police with a lot of positive public engagement opportunities.

Chief Knoll adds, that McDonald’ Restaurant has partnered with the Hanover Police Service Bike Patrol Unit.

He says Bike Patrol Officer will be handing out ‘treat tickets’ to youth that they witness doing positive things in the community, rewarding them with a free McDonald’s treat coupon.

Knoll adds that a big thank you goes out to the Hanover Lions Club, Hanover New Car Dealers Association and Canadian Tire for their donation of cash and equipment to make this program possible.

It cost approximately 65 hundred to cover the expense of the bikes, the specialized communication equipment as well as the uniforms. (training was extra)


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