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Friday, January 17, 2020

Hanover Working To Boost Tourism & Economy

Hanover | by Robyn Garvey  

Community Improvement Plan group gets bigger budget and new location at P&H Centre.

A lot of changes on the way for Hanover's Community Improvement Partnership program, the CIP program is a joint effort between The Town, the Chamber of Commerce and the Downtown Improvement Association

Hanover's Community Improvement Partnership program is undergoing a restructuring.

The Community Improvement Partnership program was originally created to coordinate the Sights & Sounds Festival and has grown over the years to include other local events and promotional efforts.

Over the last five years the CIP office has struggled to retain a coordinator and there has been ongoing debate on the mission and vision of the CIP.

As such, the Community Improvement Partnership Committee has come up with a new agreement and a clearer mandate and vision for CIP. (pronounced SIP)

The new changes cover everything from funding increases, the relocation of the CIP office to committee structure.

In an effort to alleviate the burden placed on the coordinator to generate revenue, the new CIP agreement now requires Hanover, the Chamber and the DIA to increase its funding contribution to the CIP budget by 15% overall.

The funding increase means that the CIP Coordinator will now only be responsible for raising 20 percent of the program's revenue needed rather than 35%.
Under the new funding model, Hanover will cover 40% of CIP budget, the Chamber 20% and the DIA 20%.

(This represents a 5% increase each for all three partners.)

The Community Improvement Partnership Office will soon be relocated from the P&H Centre to the Civic Centre to allow the CIP coordinator to report directly to the Economic Development Office, thus promoting partnership and synergy as well as mentoring opportunities.

The CIP committee structure is also being restructured to include a member at large.

In order to accommodate this change, the Chamber will lose one representative on the committee, the new structure will include 2 Hanover representatives, 2 Chamber, 2 DIA and 1 member at large.

Marshall says the restructuring comes at a good time, as Hanover is currently seeking out a new CIP coordinator as the position is currently vacant.

She is excited about the revamped mandate and vision calling it an opportunity for Hanover to advance its tourism, cultural and economic development initiatives.


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