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Friday, January 6, 2017

Historic Formosa Brewery Closing

Formosa | by Kevin Bernard  

Kitchener-Waterloo's Brick Brewing is putting its 146 year old Formosa site up for sale.

The head of Brick Brewing was in Formosa Thursday to announce the closing of the historic brewery.

President and CEO George Croft says the company is consolidating its production at Kitchener-Waterloo.

Formosa Springs has 18 employees, and Croft says some may move to Kitchener.

Brick, which makes Waterloo and Laker beers and Seagram coolers, is spending $4 million to expand and improve production capabilities in K-W.

Croft says Formosa Springs is a historic site which first produced beer in 1870.

It is being sold as an operating brewery and he hopes a Craft beer company will pick it up.

Along with the 40 thousand square foot plant, buyers would get the Formosa Springs, Red Baron, Red Baron Lime and Platinum brands and equipment.

If the property does not sell as a functioning brewery, Brick will simply close the facility and sell the property this summer.

George Croft says once production moves to Kitchener, the company will have 140 employees at the factory.

Brick Brewing is the 4th largest beer maker in Ontario, producing 280 thousand hectolitres of beer a year.

A hectolitre is 12.2 cases of beer.

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