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Monday, June 19, 2017

Summer programs set at Launch Pad.

Hanover | by Robyn Garvey  

The Hanover centre encourages youth to take advantage of the opportunities.

Summer is just around the corner and Hanover’s Launch Pad, the youth and technology and innovative Centre has put together a full Summer program.

Executive Director Jacinda Ruldolph encourages youth and parents to consider one of the many summer programs.

The camps include: two metal welding camps, flight camp, culinary classes, outdoor adventure camps as well as a music camp, exploring Launch Pad Camp and a Tech Camp.

With the exception of the free metal welding camps the other camps range in price from 150 to 200 dollars.

Ruldolph says the programming fee is based on a cost recovery calculation.

She doesn't want the fee however to be a barrier for youth and says there are subsidies available for those who qualify. 

In the last two years Launch Pad has greatly expanded upon it programming and membership numbers.

The Centre currently boast 316 members and offers a wide variety of year round programming designed to build skill development to help prepare youth for the real work world.

Some of these year round programs include: music, cooking, learning code, computer programming, financial management, small engine repair, soap box derby design and building, basic car maintenance, sewing skills, martial arts and yoga to name a few. 

Former Launch Pad co-op student Ronan Bryson encourages youth to take advantage of the opportunities that Launch Pad offers.

He says the skills and connections he made at Launch Pad has helped build and expand upon his own video, photography and graphic design business (Bryson Production) he created.

Business is so good that he has been commissioned by both Grey and Bruce Counties as well as the private sector to create videos.

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