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Tuesday, November 14, 2017

New Pool Could Cost A Bundle

Saugeen Shores | by John Divinski  

Costs are going up for a new aquatics centre in Saugeen Shores.

With a roomful of pool users attending a special meeting of Committee of the Whole, four proposed locations were named but the architect said attaching the facility to the east side of The Plex was preferred.
The other 3 locations are:  the west side of The Plex; Cameron Park and the Fenton site at Sunset Boulevard.
The cost of a new pool ranges from a basic scaled-down version with no amenities for 14.4-million-dollars to a top of the line splashing in at 21.4-million and everything in between.
Aquatics supervisor Shanna Reid says users have been clear.
They want a 6-lane pool; a warm tank; a water slide; a walking track and additional program space.
She says the 21-million price tag is doable if the provincial and federal governments kick in 66% of the cost, leaving the municipality to raise just over 7-million.
Councillor Neil Menage says whatever the answer is, they need it now.
He says next year is an election year, and the council will eventually become "Lame Duck," where it will be limited in the amount of money it can approve to spend.
That would delay the project to the next elected council in 2019.
Deputy Mayor Luke Charbonneau says, "It's all about the money."
The municipality cannot borrow 15 or 20-million-dollars for a new pool without financially disastrous results for the town.
Council directed staff to explore partnership opportunities for the new pool and related amenities, but did not name a preferred location for the facility.

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