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Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Master Plan For Parks Worked On In Hanover.

Hanover | by Robyn Garvey  

The current plan is 25 years old, and officials are seeking public input on a new plan.

Hanover is in the process of creating a new Parks, Recreation and Culture Master Plan.

The plan will help guide the Town in all Parks, Recreation and Culture matters and decisions over the next 15 years.

The 44 thousand dollar project says Director Sherri Walden is an investment in Hanover.

She says the current Master Plan is now 25 years old and in need of retirement.

Walden says the new document will serve as a framework for decisions related to Hanover’s parklands, recreational fields and facilities as well as cultural centers.

Walden says the final Master Plan will clearly map out where Hanover wants to go with it Parks Recreation and Culture and how to best get it there.

Community input will be key, Walden says there will be plenty of opportunity for community engagement along the process. 

This includes a public phone survey, stakeholder groups, a public open house and a community workshop.

Work on the Master Plan has kicked off November 13th, with the public input process beginning in the new year.

If all goes as planned the new Parks, Recreation and Cultural Master Plan should be complete and before Hanover Council for approval by mid May.

Walden says the Master Plan will also contribute to the Town’s goal of supporting initiatives that contribute healthier residents and more active lifestyles.

She says the new Master Plan will guide Hanover over the next several years in terms of what direction the Town is taking in all parks, recreation and culture related matters.

The public engagement piece will clearly identify the priorities of residents and local stakeholders.

PRC Solutions of St. Catherines was awarded the project, the consulting firm promises to ‘engage, create and deliver’.

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