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The Secret to Ads That Sell 
Posted (2014-05-21)

One of Sears’ most prolific ad writers, Shirley Shea, consistently wrote copy which out sold the ad copy written by her peers. In catalogues, print ads, and radio and TV scripts, her ads were able to produce results beyond any of Sears’ other writers’ ads.

I’m about to share her success secret with you today.

Typically, Shirley would arrive at Sears’ ‘ivory tower’ for a meeting to introduce the launch of a new product. The engineers who designed the product, the manufacturer’s head of marketing, Sears’ marketing people and various other experts would explain all of the technical features of the new product.

For the launch of a new washer and dryer, for example, Shirley would take notes while the experts talked about details like the BTU’s  (British Thermal Units),  the RPM’s (Revolutions Per Minute), the gauge of the metal and composition of the enamel finish.

Upon leaving the meeting to head back to her office, Shirley would look around to make sure no one was watching while she threw her notes in the trash!

So where did Shirley get the information to write such successful ad copy? She would go onto the sales floor and listen to the questions customers were asking about the washer and dryer.

Customers weren’t asking about BTU’s, RPM’s or the other technical information the ‘experts’ thought was important. They wanted to know how much laundry the machine held, how fast it did the laundry, and how noisy the machines were.

Is your advertising about you and your features, or is it answering the questions your prospects are asking?

Our Empathy Index can be used to measure how relevant and meaningful your advertising is to your prospects and customers.

Click here for a no-obligation appointment to learn how to use the Empathy Index to create more customer-focused ads. 

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