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Friday, January 10, 2020

Bruce County Joins Municipal Innovation Council

Bruce County | by John Divinski  

It will cost the County $50,000 a year for the next 3 years

Bruce County councillors have tentatively voted in favour of joining the Municipal Innovation Council at $50,000 a year for the next 3 years.

Brockton Mayor and county councillor Chris Peabody voted against the county cost because his municipality has voted to join the group and it's like hitting his taxpayers twice.

Brockton will be paying close to $23,000 annually.

Peabody says Brockton will remain in the group for at least a year and see how the partnership plays out before making any further moves.

South Bruce Peninsula Mayor and county councillor Janice Jackson, voted in favour of the county's participation although her municipality opted out of the partnership earlier.

Jackson believes it's one or the other, so as to avoid the optic of "double dipping," into the taxpayer's pocket.

Northern Bruce Peninsula has not made a decision on whether or not that community will join MIC, but Mayor and county councillor Milt McIver voted in favour of Bruce County's participation.

In a partnership with the Nuclear Innovation Institute, the MIC aims to discover efficiencies, transforming the way local municipalities operate, thus building smarter and stronger communities.

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