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Friday, January 17, 2020

Special Task Force Proposed in Grey County

Grey County | by Robyn Garvey  

Hanover Deputy Mayor proposes idea to address issues facing Owen Sound, Hanover.

Hanover's Deputy Mayor is lobbying Grey County to create a special task force that would focus on Grey County's two primary settlements.

Hanover Deputy Mayor and County Councilor Selwyn Hicks says the proposed task force will address issues that are specific to Grey County's two regional centers Owen Sound and Hanover.

These issues include: the high level of poverty, homelessness, drug addiction and social services within these two communities.
Hicks wants the proposed task force to address what he calls the disproportionate share of policing costs borne by Owen Sound and Hanover as a result of being the regional hubs of Grey County.
As the primary settlement areas, Hicks says Owen Sound and Hanover carry the lion's share of homelessness, social services and ODSP clientele.

As a first step, the County has instructed staff to prepare a report as well as terms of reference for such a task force.

Hicks is very pleased and extremely hopeful once the report and terms of reference comes back to the County the creation of his proposed task force will also be supported by Grey County Council.

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