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Tuesday, March 17, 2020

Owen Sound Firefighters Help Paramedics In Rope Rescue

Owen Sound | by Claire McCormack  

Firefighters used ropes to help safely carry a patient down from a rocky slope on 3rd Avenue East.

Owen Sound firefighters performed a rope rescue on rocky slope out by the Bayshore Monday night.

Fire Chief Doug Barfoot says it happened at about 9 Monday night on 3rd Avenue East across the road from the Bayshore Community Centre.

"There's a rock face there. There was a patient lying on that rock...along the edge of the rock."

Barfoot says he doesn't know the circumstances of how they came to be there.

He says paramedics needed to somehow put the patient into a Stokes Basket and carry them out. (A Stokes Basket is the commonly seen, often orange backboard that has a curved edge, allowing a patient to be strapped in and carried by handles on the sides).

He says firefighters stabilized the basket with ropes so the patient could be carefully carried down the rocky, slippery terrain to a waiting ambulance.

Above that rocky slope is Timber McArthur Park off of 5th Avenue East.


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