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Wednesday, March 25, 2020

Cottage Owners and Visitors Urged to Stay Away from Saugeen Shores

Saugeen Shores | by Megan Johnson  

Mayor Luke Charbonneau says he gets that this is a hard message to hear

Saugeen Shores Mayor Luke Charbonneau 

The Mayor of Saugeen Shores is asking Cottage owners and visitors to stay away.

When delivering the news that Saugeen Shores was under a State of Emergency on Tuesday March 24, due to COVID-19, Mayor Luke Charbonneau asked those planning on visiting the area to stay home, so to not overrun the local healthcare system.

"I'm asking anyone who may be planning to visit our community to heed the advice of Federal and Provincial Health Officials and stay home. Stay at your primary residents and stay where your healthcare provider is," says the Mayor.

“That has to include not traveling a great distance to the Cottage...you gotta stay home," he adds.

Charbonneau went on to stress the health system will be “stretched thin” by its current population and he has to make unpopular decisions.

He goes on to say he’s been reading the things people are saying online and by phone and knows they’re angry and upset.

“I get it... these are hard message to hear but yesterday I declared an emergency, this is an emergency situation...it’s not about your taxes...it’s not about anything but your health and the health of the community."

He also delivered a message to every resident of Saugeen Shores  and that was to stay home.

"The Municipality expects all residents of the community to strictly obey the directives of the Province and the advice from the Chief Medical Officer of Health."

He reminds people who've recently traveled outside of Canada including snowbirds to isolate for "at least" 14 days.

He says the residents of Saugeen Shores must stay home unless they're traveling to essential work, buying food or medication.

While reiterating, "if you feel sick, stay home."

"When the emergency is over I will be the first person to welcome everybody back to the community," says Charbonneau.

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