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Happy New Year


By Fred Wallace

 Hi, this is Fred Wallace with " Off the Wire ".


So in all of 2018 was there a personal sporting highlight, a moment that stood out ?

As we indicated yesterday, there were plenty of candidates.

The Owen Sound Attack beating London twice in overtime, sweeping that playoff series with 4 tight one-goal victories and then going to Game 7 in Round 2 against Sault Ste Marie was a terrific ride.

The Canadian Juvenile Broomball Championship Tournament in Owen Sound was well organized and was also highly enjoyable.

Bruce Richardson's first win in the Dream of Glory Final at Hanover Raceway with  " Joey Bats " was just one of many terrific nights at the track in 2018.

And I've got admit, that for a 24 hour period, I truly enjoyed my stay and time in Kitchener as they hosted the ISC World Fastball Championships.

Maybe I'm aging, my short term memory departing, but I can't pinpoint the single outstanding sporting moment in local sports in 2018, even though there were so many games, so many events, so many avenues that were travelled over the course of 365 days that merit consideration.

Or maybe as I age, my perspective changes.

Suddenly it seems, I more disappointed to miss a Peewee IceHawks game than I was missing 4 Attack games on the season.

Truthfully, the greatest joy in sports I get these days is watching a group of 5 year olds figure out how to skate and then explore what they can do and where they can go when they're upright.

The Year 2018 had it's terrific sporting moments in our region, and in a few days the clock starts ticking and the calendar starts rolling on 365 more days of local sporting adventures.


Happy New Year.


I'm Fred Wallace



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