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Happy Valentine's Day


By Fred Wallace

 Hi this is Fred Wallace with " Off The Wire ".


Today's is Valentine's Day

Before we get into the sweetheart stuff and great sporting couples, I want to remind everyone the Knights of Meaford are at home tonight in their second-to-last game of the Greater Metro Junior Hockey League season.

Tonight, the North Division leading Bradford Rattlers are in town for a 7:30 start at the Meaford & St Vincent Community Centre.

Then on Saturday night, the " other " Bradford team, the Bulls, will be in Meaford in the regular season finale.

Today is also a heart warming day for those of us who grind through Winter and those of us who love Blue Jays Baseball.

Well, maybe I don't love the Blue Jays, but today with Toronto's pitchers and catchers reporting means Spring is on the horizon.

The first full squad workout for the Jays is scheduled for Monday.

What does 2019 hold in store for the Toronto Blue Jays ?

Not much according to the Oddsmakers in Vegas who, at last check with my bookie, Bob, were listed at 250-1. 

That's long odds !!!

Put another way, 17 other Major League outfits are given a better or higher betting proposition than Toronto

In a scant 60 some days, I'll be back in Las Vegas for Puppy White Tours V and would be happy to put a wager down for you on the World Series.

According to Bob The Bookie, the Yankees at 11-2 are the current favorittes

Boston, Houston, the Dodgers & the Cubs are listed under 10-1 odds.

Detroit Tigers ?

Well, if someone want to give me the cash and take a swing getting incredibly rich, albeit high unlikely, the Tigers, Miami & Baltimore are the longshots at 1,000 to 1.

Happy Valentine's Day


I'm Fred Wallace


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