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En Garde, Knights


By Fred Wallace


There was no hockey game in Meaford last night, the Knights of the Greater Metro Junior Hockey League were eliminated Sunday night when they were defeated 6-4 in Bradford by the Rattlers.


The win by the Rattlers gave them a 2 game playoff sweep over the Knights, 5-3 & 6-4, and sends Bradford into the Final 4 in the North Division.


It will be interesting to see how the surviving teams make out against the Rattlers in the Division Semifinals and, most likely, in the Division Championship Series.


And it will be interesting to see how the Knights proceed going forward.


The 2 game playoff sweep at the hands of the Rattlers wasn't unexpected.


It also wasn't unexpected that Meaford would give the Rattlers a decent run in what was a 1-8 playoff matchup, usually a lopsided affair.


It's hard to explain, but year after year over the course of 6 years, the Knights of Meaford never seem to be good enough to get into the upper echelon of the North Division, yet they remain a very difficult opponent for everybody in the division through the regular season and into the post season.


I've said this a 100 times, but it's a rare night that Meaford has the best player, or players, in any given game, but to their credit they're competitive.


And beyond that, the Knights have evolved into a fairly large part of the community fabric, offering promotional opportunities for events and businesses that otherwise do not exist in most communities the size of Meaford.


So the season is in the books for the Knights, and hopefully the planning for next year, an even better year, is in the works.


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