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Ye Oldtime Hockey Tale


By Fred Wallace

 Once upon a time there was a kingdom known as....the OHL


Within the kingdom were 20 regional fiefdoms.


Each of the fiefdoms was operated by a Baron or a group of Barons.


All of the Barons were required to follow a standard set of guidelines when it came to recruiting and attracting young citizens to their fiefdom; primarily there was to be no exchange of shekels in any way shape or form.


The citizens who follow the kingdom heckled this code of conduct, knowing that it was likely being violated in every corner of the land, in some cases flagrantly violated.


Sure, the Kingdom Cops managed to uncover some shady dealings over time.


The folks at Windsor Castle apparently violated the code years ago and were punished severely by the King.


In more recent times, the Garden City fiefdom was fingered for a violation.


Their Barons appealed that sentence, lost the appeal, then admitted the wrongdoing and for that admission of guilt, rather being sent to the draft stockade, they had the punishment reduced.


In both cases, it was speculated the town criers who squealed on the Barons were youngsters who had been jettisoned from the fiefdom before the payment of bundles had been executed, or once they realized there would be no gold forthcoming.


Two confirmed cases of promises made-not paid.......compared with how many other shady dealings in the Kingdom ?


The moral of the story quite simply is; if you're going to cheat and you don't want to get caught, just PAY UP !!

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