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City Loses Bayshore


By Fred Wallace

 Hi, this is Fred Wallace with " Off the Wire ".


Not that long ago, a prominent politician, was concerned about the potential of the Province adjusting municipal borders, and thus redefining communities.

It was happening elsewhere, so why shouldn't our region be alert, be prepared & be ahead of the curve ?

The politician was basically laughed at, mocked almost, & there was derision for his " sky is falling " outlook.

Well, in short order, it looks like our provincial politicians have in fact lowered the sky and municipal boundaries are about to be altered.

The most staggering development is the Municipality of Medford will have their Northwest border expanded and now Bruce Road 15 will be extended to the corner of 3rd Avenue & 10th Street East in Owen Sound- the Kentucky Fried Chicken Corner, if you will.

Now why would I be talking about this in a sports comment ?

Well, the extension of Bruce Road 15 now means, that among other properties, the Henry Lumley-Bayshore Community Centre no longer belongs to the city.

The plan, according to well placed sources, is to sell the Bayshore and then rename it; Big Head Hall.

And while there will still be an Ontario Hockey League franchise playing there, the name of the team will be altered and reportedly they will be known next season as the Woodford Royals.

The other significant change coming at the facility is a user fee to be issued to those who use the venue for walking, jogging or running.

Previously this was a free service provided by the city, but the new owners & operators will have a dollar-per-lap surcharge that will be levied against those who use the venue for exercise.

The sky is falling, at least in rural Ontario

Happy April Fool's Day


I'm Fred Wallace




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