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Living By Adages

By Fred Wallace

 Hi, this is Fred Wallace with " Off the Wire. "


I live my life, professionally & otherwise, by mottos and adages.


Let me give you a working example;


" I'm a Professional, & therefore if you put something on a piece of paper, I'll READ it ! "


Not that long ago, a reliable source in the region sent me the scores from a sporting event; there's no need to mention that it was the annual Elementary Volleyball Tournament at Owen Sound District Secondary School.


Anyway, in a rarity, the reliable source got the Championship result backwards, an honest mistake, but because I trust the source, and because I'm a professional, I read those results as dispatched with emphasis and conviction.


Well, the outrage in the local sporting community by those impacted by the incorrect results was swift and condemning.


Phone calls, e-mails, Twitter feed, to me and to the reliable source, dominated the morning of the incorrect results.


Which brings me to adage # 2....." Never complain to the radio station ( me ), because they'll ( I ) will make it worse. "


After much thought, I deduced that if I can't fully trust even the most reliable of my sources, there's only one course of action to take........Effective IMMEDIATELY, I will ONLY report the scores and results of those activities that I personally attend.


And because there's only so many hours in the day, this new, brave direction is certainly bad news for school sports, Minor Hockey, Futsal, Curling, Horseshoes, the Bowling League, ANYBODY who sends me results on a day to day basis.


Sure there's a way around it; you could compensate the reporter/announcer in the same fashion the Attack, Hanover Raceway and the Conservative Party of Bruce-Grey-Owen Sound do to be at their games & functions, but I doubt you can afford that kind of fee structure.


Words to live by;


" I'm a Professional, & therefore if you put something on a piece of paper, I'll READ it ! " & " NEVER complain to the radio station, because they'll ONLY make it worse. "


I'm Fred Wallace

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