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Tide Turning


By Fred Wallace

 I know you get tired of me telling stories...like the time the Midland Dorion Sand & Gravel Tykes got beat 11-2 at Penetanguishene in the season opener in 1968, and how that Tyke team grew through the year and by March eliminated Penetanguishene in the vaunted Timmy Tyke Tournament in Scarborough.


I know, you've heard it.


I was reminded of that story ( again ) this year when a parent from Owen Sound Minor Hockey sent me an e-mail wondering if I could do PA & music for a Georgian Bay Minor Hockey game.


Along with the request, came a story................


" Our team is coming off a really rough season last year where we went 0 & 39 for the entire season.


This year, it was our goal to try to get these boys to find their love and desire for the game again, after having to encourage a few of those kids to continue to play hockey.  


This season need to be about learning, and about having fun!


We have really worked hard this season to come together as a unit.


But, it was still a tough season, going 4-14 &2.  


But with that said, we continued to tell the kids we are working hard to be the best team we can be for the playoffs.


We continued to focus individual skills, but mostly focused on our efforts as a team, and how important it was to think TEAM FIRST!


Well.....come the start of the Georgian Bay Playoffs, in our first game we beat the number 1 seeded team, and did not look back. "


At the time of the e-mail, the Junior Attack squad in question was 4 & 1 and in 1st place in their bracket going to their final game in the round robin.


From 0 & 39 to a first place playoff contender in one year. 


You don't always see it happen quickly, but the tide in hockey & youth sports can change quicker than you think.

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