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Bring On The Bucks


By Fred Wallace

 Hi, this is Fred Wallace with " Off the Wire ".


For basketball fans and for casual observers like me, the Raptors-Philadelphia playoff game on Sunday was an epic.

Game 7 of any playoff series is bound to be dramatic, but with the subplots and historical backgrounds attached to this year's climatic Eastern Conference semifinal, the level of anticipation and anxiety were heightened.

And if possible, the game surpassed the high level of expectation by at least ten times.

Sunday night after watching Guelph win the Ontario Hockey League title, I plopped myself down just as the Raptors cruised to a solid 9 point lead at 50-41.

Done deal.

Except, Philadelphia called a time-out and then promptly went on a 16-0 run to grab a 7 point lead and give the appearance the Raptors were blowing it.

For the remainder of the contest, the two teams agonizingly for their staunchest fans went back and forth, back & forth until the 76'ers tied it at 90 with less than 5 seconds to play.

What followed will be a play that will be recalled for decades, maybe forever.

As everyone on the planet expected, Toronto got the ball into their star Kawhi Leonard who burst outside of the high defender on the right side and then lobbed his shot over a 2nd defender hitting the rim.

The ball went up and came down and hit the rim again.

Up it went again by a tiny jump, it bounced to the other side of the rim and then one more teeny bounce before falling through the net giving the Raptors the game and the series.


But that was Sunday.

Tonight, the Raptors open the Eastern Final at Milwaukee against the Bucks.

Will Milwaukee be rested or rusty ?

Will the Raptors be burned out or burning to go ?

On to the Eastern Final, hopefully as entertaining as the Raptors-Philly Semifinal


I'm Fred Wallace


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