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Foster Faster


By Fred Wallace

 Hi, this is Fred Wallace with " Off the Wire ".


Tomorrow is departure day for Andy Foster, a runner from Owen Sound.

Saturday, Foster departs for South Africa and over the next week she'll be preparing to run in the Comrades Ultra Marathon.

Described as the " Boston " of Ultra Marathons, Foster will compete in a massive field of runners, numbering.....25,000, all of whom will be on an 89 kilometre course.

That's right 89 kilometres....and it's uphill because this is an " Up " year. next year will be a " Down " year.

Foster qualified for the Comrades in the last year and has been prepping by running marathons and training by running up Blue Mountain.

Truthfully, Foster has no idea what the weather conditions will be on race day; it's Winter in South Africa but their Winters can be 9 degrees or 29 degrees and that's a big potential swing for a runner.

Foster relates she has 2 goals for the Comrades Ultra Marathon.

First, she wants to finish.

Organizers have manned gates along the course and if you don't get to specific checkpoints by a specific time, they simply close the gate and your race is over 

The other goal for Andy Foster is to raise funds for the Bhisho tribe which will assist in eye care needs for that nation.

The stated fundraising goal for Foster is $ 10,000 which seems like a big amount, but likely isn't nearly as big as some of the hills she'll encounter at the Comrades Ultra Marathon on June 9th.


I'm Fred Wallace

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