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Looks Like We Made It


By Fred Wallace

 Hi, this is Fred Wallace with " Off the Wire ".


We made it.

We made it through the 2 Bluewater Elementary Cross Country meets and the reason I know we made it through those meets is because now, several days later, I've got the feeling back in my feet.

Other people have other ways to gauge the progress and success of such events and to be honest, based on the threat of potential poor weather for both Bluewater West and Bluewater East meets, I'd have to say they succeeded with flying colors...again.

The Bluewater West Meet is the Bob Atkinson Memorial, named for a proud Canadian soldier and a great supporter of the meet through the Paisley Royal Canadian Legion.

The 2019 Bob Atkinson Meet attracted more than 400 competitors to Saugeen Bluffs, the youngsters competing in 6 different divisions.

Port Elgin Saugeen Central won the overall school title, but I found it interesting that the top 3 schools in the Senior Boys Division were all from the amalgamated schools, that is, Saugeen District, John Diefenbaker & Kincardine District who now operate as Grade 7-12 institutions.

For the Bluewater East Meet at the Kiwanis Soccer Complex in Owen Sound, there's no overall school standings, just the top 6 runners in each of the 8 divisions are acknowledged.

What stood out from Bluewater East was the geographic range of runners who were among the fastest.

Bruce Peninsula District School at Lion's Head produced 2 divisional winners; Tamara Thompson in Grade 1-2 Girls & Elizabeth Davies in the Grade 7-8 Girls race, plus the Snelling Sisters for Hepworth Central Public School won their respective divisions.

East or West, Bluewater Elementary Cross country Meets, it seems, seldom enjoy nice weather, and that's why everyone can be proud of last week's events, because we made it.


I'm Fred Wallace

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