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To Be Fair


By Fred Wallace

Hi, this is Fred Wallace with " Off the Wire ".


Let's be fair.

Did I not call the outcome of Monday's Ontario Hockey League game between Oshawa & Owen Sound well in advance ?

Deviation in routine. 

Rare Monday night home game. 

Smaller crowd. 

Fewer kids and families.

Less noise, less atmosphere in the building......I expected a negative result.

Actually to be fair, the crowd was pretty good both in size and enthusiasm, certainly aided by the swings in the contest back and forth between the Attack & the Generals.

And to be fair as well, the Attack weren't flat. They played at a high tempo and my view was they were the better team, for the most part, just not at the end of the night on the scoreboard.

And let's be fair to Oshawa too; in particular to Philip Tomasino and Brett Neumann who had dynamite performances, combining for 7 scoring points in a 5-4 Oshawa victory.

And finally to be fair to me, while the outcome came close to what I anticipated, what I did not expect was the sloppiness displayed by the home side.

The Attack had a 2 game win streak heading into the game, based on thorough efforts against Barrie & Guelph.

Oshawa is a better team than the Colts & Storm at the moment, but that's hardly a factor for a never ending sequence of turnovers, giveaways and loss of possession that ended up in the Owen Sound goal on 4 occasions.

There were a lot of guilty parties and I have no doubt the issue(s) have been dealt with fully by the coaching staff heading into tonight's home game against Sarnia.

Owen Sound is tied with Erie for 7th in the Western Conference, 4 points up on Sault Ste Marie who are out of a playoff position at the moment, but the Greyhounds are heading to a sequence of games against Flint, Sudbury & North Bay this week.

I doubt the Attack will be as careless tonight against Sarnia as they were Monday night against Oshawa- they really can't afford to be.


I'm Fred Wallace


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