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Value at the Vault


By Fred Wallace

 Hi, this is Fred Wallace with " Off the Wire ".


The Toronto Raptors hit the National Basketball Association All Star Break on a losing note, which is kind of ironic.

The Raptors franchise record 15 game win streak was halted Wednesday night when they were defeated Brooklyn.

During the win streak some in the media, accurately or not, proclaimed the Raptors were/are the best team in the Eastern Conference at the moment- and that's really saying a lot in a Conference that features Milwaukee, along with Boston, Philly & Miami.

It's also somewhat funny to see some media commentators crusade with an anti-Canada campaign, labelling the Raptors as irrelevant in the grand scheme of NBA awareness, in essence to the United States basketball viewing public.

But whether you see greatness in the Raptors or want to dismiss them as a team or dismiss them from a standpoint of what country they play their home games in, you can't deny their value at the vault.

Forbes Magazine has stated the average value of NBA franchises has bypassed the $2 billion mark for the first time.


................$ 2 Billion

Ironically, the New York Knicks, among the worst organizations on the floor this season, are pegged to be worth the most; $4.6 billion by the magazine's calculations

Not surprisingly, the Los Angeles Lakers have the 2nd highest financial ranking at $4.4 billion 

In sequence to round out the Top 10, according to Forbes;


- Chicago Bulls

- Boston Celtics

- LA Clippers 

- Brooklyn Nets

- Houston Rockets 

- Dallas Mavericks 

and.......................the Toronto Raptors.


Forbes Magazine states the franchise value for Canada's NBA squad is $2.1 billion.

If the Raptors extended their win streak, would the value of the Toronto franchise increased further ?

Have a great weekend


I'm Fred Wallace


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