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Knights Knocked Out


By Fred Wallace

 Hi, this is Fred Wallace with " Off the Wire ".


The Greater Metro Junior Hockey League season ended for the Knights of Meaford on Family Day

Playing at Bracebridge in a North Division Elimination Game on Monday, the Knights were beaten 6-4 by the South Muskoka Shield which allowed the Shield to advance to a 2nd Elimination Game against West Nippissing, but sends Meaford towards next season.

This past season wasn't a banner season for Meaford.

They finished 10th, and last, in the North Division, stalling after the Christmas Break with just 3 wins in 16 outings.

The loss to South Muskoka, based on what I saw in the box score, illustrated a couple of ongoing red flags with the club.

First, Star Power. 

It seems to me that every team the Knights play invariably will have the best 2 or 3 players in the game.

In the loss at Bracebridge, Ilya Zheltakov & Artur Motskivitsus combined for 5 goals and 8 scoring points.

By comparison, there were 4 different scorers for the Knights and only 2 players were able to accumulate 2 points in the match

The other red flag, the Shield broke a 3-3 tie with 2 goals 11 seconds apart.

Now, that can happen, it just seemed to happen too often this season for the Knights to overcome the swing.

Disappointment and red flags aside, my understanding is that next year is already underway for the Knights.

In fact preparation for next year may have started late in the season.

Cory Bricknell, well known in Meaford circles, a guy who has coached in Northern Ontario and internationally, was around the team and the speculation was that he was seeing if the Knights were a good fit & if so, potentially he could be in place to coach the club next year.


I'm Fred Wallace

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