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More Changes ?


By Fred Wallace

 Hi, this is Fred Wallace with " Off the Wire ".


A week ago we discussed the proposed changes to the playoffs in Major League Baseball.

Not to be outdone, it looks like both the National Football League and the Canadian Football League are about to alter, or experiment, with their post season format.

First in the NFL, if ( or when ) a new collective bargaining agreement is finalized, a 7th team will be added to the playoffs in EACH conference.

The new format would see only 1 team get a first round bye in each Conference with the other 6 pairing off to establish a Final 4 for the the following week.

Interesting to note that the Kansas City Chiefs won the Super Bowl this year with a first round bye, a bye they would no longer would qualify for under the new proposal.

Then there's the Canadian Football League where Commissioner Randy Ambrosie has been offering a twist on the league’s current post-season format. 

In fairness this potential alteration was initiated in Winnipeg.

Regardless, the potential altered formula would see the East and West Division first-place finishers secure opening-round byes.

The next top four finishers, REGARDLESS of division, would have opening round playoff games; 3 against 6 & 4 against 5

The next day, the CFL Division winner with the best regular-season record would CHOOSE which opening-round winner it wanted to face in its conference final.

Granted, this is just being kicked around, plus the CFL is covering its tracks relating it's an experiment that could easily be reversed if it bombs.

But to me, in both cases- NFL or CFL- it just seems somewhat gimmicky and I fear ( sense ) the entire process is designed to appease Big Time TV and manufacture more intrigue and drama than the current formats are generating.


I'm Fred Wallace

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